My library card and I

What adventures we have together, my library card and I.


I am a proud patron of four libraries; and yes I do frequent them all. My house is on the crux of two towns, that means two small rural libraries there. The third library card I have belongs to the town in which I grew up and spend much time in the summer. The fourth, and most recent library card I have is in the town in which I went to college and I currently work. This is the largest library of the four and the one I frequent the most.

I have to say there is something magical of walking through the literature rich aisles of a library. So many beautiful books, so many options, ideas and inspiration. Giddy with excitement, each time I walk in with such anticipation of what I may find. Even thinking of my next trip I get excited about the possibilities.

From the perspective of my two boys they are always excited about trips to the library not only to pick out new books but to borrow movies. We live in a very small town and we don’t have access to high speed internet (YET!). For us the library is now one of the only places that we can actually get movies. This is a huge excitement for my kids especially as we explore movies of my own childhood.

I always have thought one of the best jobs would be to work in a bookstore or a library. I am sure so many people share my enthusiasm for our local libraries and I just wanted to share the love for some of my favorite and inspirational  spaces!




9 thoughts on “My library card and I

  1. I miss the Rindge library lots of memories there and Keene is always a favorite with so many choices ! Libraries are a magical place and in this world of instant gratification it’s good to learn responsibility on returning and caring for something that isn’t yours.


  2. One of our reasons for buying the house I live in now was because it was located three doors down from the public library, a lovely structure that was a Carnegie project! I served on that library’s board of directors for ten years, and we had lots of good times, including a year-long celebration of the library’s 100th birthday!


  3. I grew up in Adams, MA and I remember every Saturday morning walking with my Mom to the library and taking out a big stack of books for the week. I loved everything about the library – the big majestic entrance, the smell of the books, the helpfulness of the librarians (even as they shushed us). My love of libraries has never gone away. I have been fortunate to live in towns and cities with fantastic libraries. When I move, getting a library card is on my list of immediate “to do” list.


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