Spreading MLK’s words through picture books

I love how children’s books are really coming alive and teaching diversity to our children. As a young girl I grew up in a very small town that was mostly made up of white Americans. I honestly cannot remember any of the books I read at a young age even exploring cultural differences. I came to quite a culture shock when I spent my first year of college in New York City and I was one of only two white kids in my public speaking class.

This sparked a curiosity for me and I ended up spending much of my last few years of an undergraduate as an English major with a focus on African American Literature. I drew so much inspiration from my college professor and adviser Dr. Robin Dizard. I could diverge into a long topic on cultural diversity through picture books but I’ll save some more for Black History Month in February.

What I would like to focus on is Martin Luther King Jr. As we approach this day, also called Civil Rights Day (New Hampshire and Arizona). I urge you to spend some time with your children learning about this great man. Here are a few good books that we’ve been reading in my house this past week-


And my favorite, a MUST read: As Good As Anybody

And in the words of Martin Luther King Jr…



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