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I posted a few weeks ago about eating healthy and Talking About Junk Food and while I was at the library the other day I found two really great books that will further your reading on healthy living and healthy eating. This post falls perfectly in line with the culmination of a Clean Eating Challenge I embarked upon this past week. So as I work towards living a more healthy life it is so important for my kids to understand why healthy eating and living is not just important to me but to the world.


The first book is called YUMMY! Good Food Makes Me Strong! This book goes through the day and provides some ideas of what healthy options there are foe each meal. This colorful book uses simple language and beautiful images of children making healthy nourishing choices. On each page there also includes a bit more descriptive informative tips that provide a deeper insight for parents or older children. One example is “Make your own pops using yogurt and fresh fruit purees. Check the sugar content in yogurt.” This book follows the guidelines of  My Plate.

The second, Healthy Kids  (A Global Fund for Children Book) is a beautiful picture book that shows images of children all around the world. This book explores the question: What Does it Take to Be a Healthy Kid? The story line is simple and would be great for preschool age through early elementary school children. One of my favorite parts of this book is the map at the end of the book. Throughout the story the photographs show children from many countries and while my eldest son Quinn and I were reading it we said we’ll have to pull out his globe and look at where all of these countries are. Well this book beat us to it and had a colorful map of the world and highlighted all the countries it displayed. Another nice thing about this book is it really talked about how things that may seem second nature to many of us can be quite challenging for others throughout the world and even in our own country. Clean water and a safe place to go to the bathroom were things my son never realized could be an issue for kids were brought to light through this story.

What are some of your healthy eating favorites? What does your family do to keep active and how to do you teach your kids this important lesson? I’d love to hear from you!

Have a happy and healthy week!



2 thoughts on “Healthy Living

  1. These books are great! I’m going to share them with my colleagues. This post is also a wonderful reminder for me that I need to be a better role model for my six-year-old. Thank you for sharing!


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