A Reason to Believe-

As part of a blogging course the assignment is to write via a prompt. The prompt for this post is A Reason to Believe.

A Reason to Believe

When I think of what this means to me I am immediately brought to the beginning of a new day. Each day offers a brand new start and has so many possibilities. An image that plays in my mind is a colorful sunrise coming up through the trees. No matter how difficult a day or period of time is- there is a reason to believe that things can and will change. There is beauty in nature, there is beauty in people, there is beauty in ourselves and our abilities.


I think of all the difficult things in the world and how many people are struggling. I think of my beautiful children and all that I have in my life. I remember times in my teenage years when I gave my parents such trouble and heartache and how they never gave up on me.

Several quotes come to mind when thinking of a reason to believe…



And a favorite-


Trying to narrow it down to one reason seems utterly impossible. I have so many reasons to believe… So with each day, as the sun rises and sets I am reminded of all I have to be thankful for, all the beauty and I am a believer.

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