I Sing You a Song

“I sing you a song my little one my little one. I sing you a song forever I love you. I sing you a song my little one my little one angels are watching above you I love you.” ~Sing You a Song by Curtis King

If you walk into our house you will most definitely hear music. It may be children’s songs on Keegan’s iPod, Quinn playing the piano or listening to classical tunes or the eclectic mix of Dan and I. Some of my favorite children’s board books are lyrics of songs.

Here are two of my favorites:


Snuggle Puppy and Hush Little Baby

These are two that whenever I come across them I am immediately transported back nine years ago to the wee hours of the morning rocking my boys and singing the songs of these two fantastic books. Whenever a new baby is born these are my go to books.

Snuggle Puppy  is a fun and catchy little song that expressed the love of a parent and a little puppy. As all of Sandra Boynton’s books the images are colorful and popping. For years after finding this book my boys were affectionately called my very own snuggle puppies.

Moving on to my ultimate favorite board book- Sylvia Long’s Hush Little Baby. I was introduced to this book by my amazing Aunt Kim. This book isn’t the traditional Hush Little Baby Song. The tune is the same however the lyrics focus on nature and the beautiful gifts around us. Although it’s been several years since we’ve brought this book out I am still enchanted by the mother’s lullaby showing her baby rabbit the evening sky, a shooting star and cuddling up into a quilt. If you have not had the opportunity to hear this beautiful nature based lullaby I highly recommend you go out and get it! Or if you’re having a baby invite me to your shower and you know it will be the gift I bring.

Happy Reading & Singing



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