For the Worrier

Fear of the unknown. Worrying over what may happen. Imagining things happening. Simply just not feeling comfortable with what could be.

These are all real fears that can inhibit many happy kids. My eldest son is one of them. He is a worrier and is prone to imagining the worst. He worries about being lost, being alone, and that something may happen to our family. Small daily things like going to the store, riding in an airplane, enrolling in summer camp, or even just taking the bus can cause so much stress.

We talk a lot in our house, we work really hard to instill security and confidence in our boys. Throughout the years I have come across some fantastic books that help explore some common worries. Here are a few of the ones that were really helpful for us:


Don’t Forget to Come Back is about a girl who’s parents are going out for the night and leaving her with a babysitter. The girl comes up with so many reason for them not to leave her. The story continues with a fantastic babysitter who helps the girl pass the time and have so much time that she doesn’t have to be so worried.

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine is a great book that takes a look at what worries can do to a person and what kids can do about it. The story develops and explores ways that worries can be addressed and with the help of her teacher Wilma Jean can separate what things she has control over and what she doesn’t. They create ideas of things that she can do when she starts to feel overwhelmed with worry.

Both of these stories really resonated with my worrier and he would definitely recommend them to anyone that struggles with and can be overwhelmed with worries.


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