The Race for President

In New Hampshire we are only two days away from the presidential primary election. There is so much buzz, excitement, and a bit of frustration going around. Commercials, mailings and phone calls inundate our homes. It’s not easy to get away from politics during an election year. When we may become frustrated with the abundance of ads it is a great opportunity to teach our children about the political process.

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I cannot believe how much our children pick up from political commercials. Sadly, in my opinion, there is a lot of bashing and negative talk. I was taken back one day when my eldest son (age 9) said “I don’t think it’s time for a woman to be president.” No matter what your opinion is it’s important to take the time to help out kids understand a bit more about the process. On a funny note we were watching one of the coffee shop talks with all the candidates and one began talking about his views on illegal aliens and my son pipes up, “Why would anyone vote for him, he believes in aliens!”

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So, how do we begin this important yet delicate topic…. with books of course!

There are a great many books about each of our presidents and here are a few of my favorites.

So You Want to Be President

This is one we love in our house. It highlights some fun, silly, and historical information on each of our presidents up to our current Barack Obama. It provides a fun way to learn about who each president is, what some of the things they brought to our country and what a difficult job it is to become president. My boys love when we get to the part about John Quincy Adams was skinny dipping and a newspaper reporter stole his clothes and wouldn’t give them back until he did an interview.


Another book for a bit of a younger group would be-

Duck for President

This is a cute story of a duck who isn’t happy with his role in the farm and decides that he could do a better job running the place. He decides to hold a campaign to overthrow Farmer Brown and involved all the farm animals in the electoral process.

And for the youngest reader here is a colorful board book that will help start your discussion on the presidency.

This Little President: A Presidential Primer

So no matter what your political beliefs it is important to start your children young learning about our country’s political background and what all of this fuss is about during the busy election season.


Happy Reading!


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