The Sparkle of Nature

This morning I woke to the sun shining on the beautiful dusting of snow. I laced up my boots, leashed up my dogs and headed out in the brisk air for a walk in the woods. There is nothing more peaceful thank a quiet early morning walk in the woods. We were the first on the trails and our footprints danced in the new fallen snow. As the sun shined down on us it seemed as if it touched and brought out the natural glitter of each individual snowflake. There is something completely majestic about being the first to lay footprints in the new fallen snow. I simply had to pause, open my eyes and breathe in the beauty.

Sometimes I become stuck on the daily grind of being a worker, wife and mother. The hustle and bustle of a long commute, feeding a family and keeping up with the never ending list of chores. During the week I find it increasingly difficult to stop and ponder the beauty around me.

Sometimes it takes a message from nature, such as the natural sparkle in the snow, the way the sun shines on your face, the cold refreshing air that wakens your senses. It reminds me to take the time to unplug, get outside, breathe, look around, and be thankful for all the beauty in my life.


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