#FridayFinds me in a whirlwhind

This week has been blustery busy, almost to the point where I’ve felt blown away. Unexpected challenges thrown in my path ready to push me down. At one point during the week I was so overwhelmed that my eyes flooded with tears.

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Frustration began to brim over through my mind, tension pulsated through my muscles. Patience became a fleeting memory. I realized, or should I say I found that I had a choice.

I realized that I could continue to feel sad and overwhelmed by the hurdles of life or I could think of all that I have rather than dwell on what I do not. There is a difference between ignoring what surrounds you and working through it. Part of me wanted to pretend and crawl under a rock.

But I won’t! That’s not who I am, nor who I want to be. I am the girl who is able to see the best in things. I am the girl who can smile and say, we’ll figure it out, and does! It’s seeing the small blessings, picking up on the little amazing gifts that occur all around us. For me, I’m not going to tell you the struggles but the beautiful finds.

This week I found some fantastic strength in exercise. I was able to make it to two great classes and ran 4.5 hilly miles that challenged my body.

I colleague brought me a personal development book that I’ve been waiting to read- such perfect timing!

And to kick off a weekend filled with travelling hockey games I started it at Story Time at the local library and caught up with some of my favorite mom friends.

So today for my #FridayFinds I have found that when it feels like nothing is going your way that it important to make a choice to not just focus on the things that aren’t going right (because hey, they are real too) but intentionally notice what IS around you. That no matter what, there is beauty that surrounds us all and it is a choice to either close our eyes or to open them.

As I try and keep my eyes open may yours be as well.



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