More than listening

Today I’d like to share one of my favorite new-ish authors Herve Tullet.

I have been lucky raising readers for the most part. But hey, not every time I suggest that it’s book time they jump for joy. My youngest I doubt would choose to pick up a book in his spare time and prefers to active play. So today I want to talk about some interactive books. Herve Tullet is an author/artist from Normandy who has published some great fun picture and board books that encourage the reader to do more than listen. I first picked up these fantastic book-

Press Here

This is a fun and colorful book that invites young hands to touch and make magic out of the circles. I remember opening this book with my boys and they were amazed that when they touched a circle on one page that it made new and exciting things happen on the next.

Readers will not only be pressing here but turning the book upside down, shaking it, pushing soft and hard. Such hands on fun with this bright book!

Some of his other fantastic books I would recommend checking out include:

Mix It Up!

The Game of Tops and Tails

So while you’re making sure to get in your book time remember that to reach little busy bodies try something different, check out these interactive books that invite diversity  in participation… a little more than listening.

Happy Reading!


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