Seasons Change With Laughter


I was out for a walk with my family this weekend and in Southern New Hampshire winter is fading into spring. I was talking with my Dad as we prepare for my youngest sister to move down south where they don’t experience such drastic changes in weather. She is very excited to be away from some of the wrath of winter. For me, I love the change of the seasons.

Each season it is exciting to anticipate the weather and natural changes. Right now it’s so exciting to see little shoots of plants breaking through the brown grass. I am energized as the sun stays out longer and the sun warms our skin at the brink of summer. The cool breeze and colorful fall is something to look forward to and there’s such a childlike bliss of the first snowfall. I really couldn’t image what it would be like to have similar weather year round.

Last week while scouring the library I found an aptly titled book Winter Woes.

This lyrical book brings light and laughter to the end of winter. I wasn’t surprised to find out the author is from New Hampshire. Marty Kelley highlights the things that most of us dislike about winter- especially as some years it continues into April. I love witty books and this is one that I believe I enjoyed just as much as the kids. In reading more about the author we found that he has several other seasonal books that we have put on our to read list. They include:


I have yet to check these out but I am thinking I have found yet another fantastic author that I will have to surly check out all of his literary works.

Check out his website:


Keep laughing, reading children’s lit with wit and as always…

Happy Reading!



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