Peace and Politics

This is not the blog I planned to write today. This week’s post was planned to honor strong female characters throughout children’s literature. But, today that’s not what’s on my mind. (Come back for some great suggestions in the weeks to come!)

I sat in Church this morning and realized I HAD to write about this today. The sermon led by a lay leader and chair of worship committee was titled A Stranger at The Table. During the part of the service she called upon the congregation to share any joys or concerns. An older woman stood and shared a concern with a shaky and heavy tone. She brought forth a memory of when she was a child during world war 2 and was listening to the radio with her father. The program was filled with the strong and hateful words of Hitler. His desire to rule by force and demolish any who did not fit into his mold. Tears could be heard in her voice as she shared how concerned she is during this political race and how much she feels the similarity to the words of a current candidate and Hitler.

Now I am not one to vocalize my political opinions and I often shy away from any type of debate. I am a strong believer of everyone’s right to their opinion. I don’t like to rock the boat or put someone off by sharing what I think. However today I apologize in advance if I have done so to you.

Shortly after her comment we started into the first hymn- “Our World is One World”



The words of the hymn so perfectly melded into what the woman shared in her fear. The idea that the world in which we live is a shared place. We all own a piece and not one person is greater, stronger, or more right than another. As the service continued my mind went to a few children’s books that remind me exactly what she and the lay leader was preaching.

First is by Dr. Seuss- The Butter Battle Book

If you haven’t read this great book it’s a MUST. Seuss highlights the battle of two groups that don’t see eye to eye. They build a wall (sound familiar?) to keep the other out and away. One side brings a gun to the wall, then the other outmatches with a larger more dangerous weapon, and so forth. And what do these two sides decide and could parish over…. which side to butter their bread!

I know in our day we’re not battling over butter but sometimes it feels like it could become that petty.

Last night confidently my youngest picked out One as his bedtime story.

This is what I would wish upon the world and especially our dear men and women who are hoping to be the commander in chief. If anyone has connections we should send each one of them a copy of this book! This book falls under many lists relating to bullying. Honestly I’m feeling that politicians take a look at themselves and how it may be seen as bullying.

So again, I am sorry if I have created cause for offence. My heart is concerned and I really believe politicians and votes should take a bit more guidance from children’s literature as the fight for control.

Peace ~ Love


6 thoughts on “Peace and Politics

  1. Beautifully put and I am so glad I discovered your blog through the WP commenting bootcamp.

    I, like you, also tend to stay away from ‘hot’ topics because I respect everyone’s right to an opinion. But sometimes things get under your skin so much you simply have to voice your thoughts. I am so glad you have done so in an eloquent and thoughtful way. Much love!


  2. I’m very glad I decided to visit your blog from the Commenting Boot Camp page. I’ve been doing a course on Future Learn entitled Literature and Mental Health, and it’s about how literature can help you with different types of emotional stress. I also just finished The Autobiography of Malcolm X, which is quite an angry book, so I’ve had an interesting sort of roller coaster while reading over the past couple of days. The ideas you shared and the books you mentioned add another layer to that and give me an opportunity to think about literature as outlet for both anger and tolerance.


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