Pick of the Week

I visit the library several times a week and my book bag overflows with great choices. It is such a thrill to gander through the librarians selections of notable reads. Often I am drawn to these as they caught someone’s eye so they must be something to check out. This week while visiting our local town library I picked up a fantastic one called I am Yoga.

I recently have been working hard on my goal of becoming more fit and yoga has been one of my favorite practices. Of course I was drawn to this small book with beautiful images.

Not only did my boys and I enjoy the simple beautiful prose we especially loved the glossary of yoga poses.

This was our bedtime story and they were both so excited to jump out of bed and practice each pose. It was a good time to explain how stretching our body can help clear the mind and bring peace.

Throughout the book the author describes how beneficial and all encompassing a yoga practice can be for the soul and the world.

The author opens a door between the mind body through simple sentences utilizing great imagery and simple mantras to incorporate into our lives.


This is one book that I would read over and over again, reminding myself and my children the beauty that comes along with intentional practice. I hope you will take the time to look at this beautiful little book!


Until next time…


-Happy Reading and…


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