Celebrating the Earth

I have a Sunday morning ritual that fits perfectly into the theme of this week’s book choices. After coffee and some of my own reading I lace up my sneakers and take my two dogs out for a leisurely walk in the woods. Our property is surrounded by forests, farm land, and trails.  This morning was especially beautiful with the sun shining brightly and a gentle wind whispering. It was the perfect time to reflect on Earth Day.

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April 22nd is the official day to celebrate the Earth and spend time thinking about all we can do to protect it. This is such an important day to teach our children about. We truly need to spend time learning and talking about about all we do and how it impacts the Earth. So this week my recommendations are based on helping teach our kids (and even ourselves) about ways to help this beautiful place we live in.

For the younger readers these are some of my favorites: Why Should I Recycle, It’s Earth Day!, and The Earth Book. Each of these books explains how one person can make a difference and why it is important to think about how we take care of the Earth.

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For a bit more here are some great books that really touched my 9 year old this year.

National Geographic Kids Human Footprint.

This was such a cool book that introduces kids to how they impact the world. It uses pictures to help illustrate the immense number of ways what we do can negatively effect the world. “What is your human footprint? Well, it’s 13,056 pints of milk, 28,433 showers, 12,888 oranges, 14,518 candy bars, and $52,972 worth of clothes, all in one lifetime.” Very eye opening not only to my son but to me as well!

The last one that we looked at this week was Help Your Parents Save the Planet: 50 Simple Ways to Go Green Now!

This book, similar to the Human Footprint explores daily activities and how kids can make small changes that can truly make a world of difference. It was exciting to go through these ideas and be excited that some are already in practice at home and some the kids are looking forward to implementing.

It is amazing how making small little changes in our daily lives can truly add up and make a big difference. So even though officially Earth Day has passed I urge you to take a look at these books and continue to be aware of your own footprint and how to educate our children and raise awareness and intention around protecting the Earth.

Until next time….

Happy Reading!



3 thoughts on “Celebrating the Earth

  1. I love your Earth Day post : ) Kids are the driving force for so many of us to want to help the Earth and they are great motivators to keep us environmentally aware all year round.


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