Lost in a Book

This weekend I was away at a conference for work and had the opportunity to explore the little town in which we were staying. My friend and I wandered into a quaint gift shop with shelves overflowing with beautiful trinkets. Of course I gravitated towards the small book shelf and picked up a new eye catching book:

This is the first children’s book I have come across that focuses on a tattoo so of course I had to stop and read it through.

I don’t know if this has happened to you but as I opened the cover I immediately became so engrossed in the incredibly sweet story a father is telling his son. I truly became so involved in the story that once I came to the last page I was startled to look around me and realize that time had momentarily stopped.

What an incredible feeling to be so drawn in that the world seems to stop and all that exists is you and the story. In this book a little boy is asking his father about his tattoos and the stories that go along with each one. Each tattoo paints a picture of an important time in the father’s life that culminates to the last and favored tattoo- the one that symbolizes the birth of his son.


Let me tell you, there is nothing like a great Dad story to bring tears to my eyes. Especially a story that can take me away, draw me into the pages, and carry me across the bridge of the author’s perspective and into my own interpretation. It’s not every book that takes you to this place, but when one does, it’s such an amazing feeling and so good that you just have to share!


Wishing you lots of love in your reading!


2 thoughts on “Lost in a Book

  1. I am so getting this book! The kids love asking about how we got our tattoos, the story behind them. Great find, and great experience.
    I can picture you closing the book, and being a bit startled at where you are.
    Great article.


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