Our Summer Reading

Hello and happy back to school season!

Tonight I kissed my boys goodnight before their first day of school tomorrow. They will awake to new teachers, a new school (for one), and so much excitement as they enter 5th and 3rd grade.
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We had an absolutely fantastic summer filled with family, sun, the lake, and of course books too! There is something magical about reading throughout the summer. So many choices: what to read, when and where to read, oh the possibilities. In my mind, there is nothing like reading outside with the sun gently warming your skin.


We did a lot of reading this summer and had some memorable books to pass along. Quinn and Keegan each are proud to share their favorites:

Quinn’s Picks

Big Nate Series by Lincoln Pierce

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The Squish Series by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

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And  best of all Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

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And now Keegan happily shares his favorite reads this summer-


El Deafo by Cece Bell, Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom by Eric Wright and Scooby Doo Howling on the Playground by Gail Herman

Image result for El Deafo   Image result for Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom   Image result for Scooby Doo Howling on the playground


And together we read and LOVED Small Steps by Louis Sachar

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So as we begin a brand new school year my heart is warmed by the memories of the summer we had together as a family, the adventures we shared, the memories we shared, and the stories we read. I hope your summer was filled with joy, warmth, and great stories!

Here’s to the new school year and the many books we explore together.

Sharing Books