Let’s Talk Emotions

Often times we as parents are continuously trying to help our kids keep it together, manage busy schedules, and teach kindness in the hopes that they will grow up to be great human beings. These little people have a lot on their shoulders in today’s society and they experience big emotions so it’s really important to talk about them. Sometimes I hear people hushing concerns and emotions and telling kids not to worry, they will be okay, or that it’s all alright. Most times this comes out of love because truly, we do want them to be okay and alright. I believe it’s important for us to help kids name their emotions and what they are dealing with so that they can on one hand feel heard and secondly know what is going on for them is normal and how and what they can do to move through it.


This is a topic that I could (and probably will) write multiple posts about but I’ll save some ideas for another day. Today I want to share two of my favorite emotions series. The first one is the Little Critter Books. Now these books are incredibly popular and have so many topics that you can choose that pertain to the emotion or feeling you’re trying to explore. In my house, anger, was a hot topic for one kid and forgetfulness the other. So we loved both I Was So Mad and I Just Forgot by Mercer Mayer.

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Often times we may focus on negative emotions and why we don’t want them or how to get rid of them. One of my sons is very emotional and experiences things quite deeply. Several years ago my intuitive mother got us a great set of books on many emotions, both positive and challenging. I would highly recommend these books by Trace Moroney for simple read aloud, young elementary aged children.
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This sweet little bunny experiences so many things throughout his life and he speaks simply and honestly about what he’s feeling. This character is easy to relate to and uses positive langue to talk about whoever someone may be feeling and most importantly what they can do about those feelings.

No matter if you share books about emotions and feelings or simply talk about them and how you experience things as a family I urge you to keep the dialogue flowing. Too often I see kids and even adults experience intense feelings and think they may be the only one out there dealing with this. We can start by sharing our own experiences and validate that emotions are real for us all and can be good or challenging or both.

Happy Reading!



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