Movies of Books

Tonight my boys and I went out to the movies and we saw Alice Through the Looking Glass.

As we were sitting watching the previews I was struck by how many books are becoming popular movies. Coincidentally this weekend my sister sent me a text that she found our favorite childhood series The Box Car Children on DVD.

I have to be honest, I’m not quite sure on my stance on this trend. I almost always prefer the book over the movie however I do admit that it is interesting to watch a different perspective of childhood classic literature. I remember reading and loving Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. It has been MANY years since I was brought back into wonderland and I really enjoyed tonight’s movie. I sat back remember the way the books played out in my young imagination and how they really came alive through cinematography, acting, and music on the big screen.


We also saw a preview of the BFG- if you read one of my early posts from this winter you will know this is a favorite in our house. Even now we are reading the book Holes and the boys are excited to rent (yes we do have to rent-aka borrow from our local library) the movie once we finish the book.

So part of me, the purist book lover, feels that no way, we should always read the book and stick with that. But today when  my 9 year old looked up from the film and asked if we can get the book I thought, why yes, I guess this is okay. If the movie is good that can make a child want to also read the book, I am good with that.

I would love to hear what you think about movies of books.

Happy reading… and watching?


Back in College

I happened to have a meeting at my alma mater and was a bit early so I decided to spend some time in the library.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that while browsing in the children’s literature section I came across this great book: My Uncle Emily by Jane Yolen illustrated by Nancy Carpenter.

As an undergrad I majored in English and took quite a few poetry and women’s literature courses. I loved poetry and felt such a great connection with Dickinson. I remember working part time at the local grocery store and reading Emily Dickinson’s Collected Poems on my breaks.

It’s been over a decade since I sat in this very library reading poetry however I immediately was transported to my days as a literature scholar. While reading through this story of Emily Dickinson’s nephew I was transformed to the days of inspiration, and time to explore authors on such a deep level. Surrounded by books with so much time to spend on contemplation and research. Spending time with such amazing educators with such passion and knowledge. It brought me back to the excitement and eagerness of my early twenties.

As the words on the page come alive through the story they also connect the threads to memories of places and times within my own live. The power of books can come alive in illustrations, messages, morals, historical tales, and even memories.

It makes me think how how many things we read for: to learn something, for enjoyment, because we have to, want to, to become inspired, to laugh, to cry, to remember. What an amazing journey the reader can embark as they open a book. So many places you can be led, so many doors that can be opened, such power, such joy that all starts with a word!


Happy Reading!

For Myself

This morning I woke with an aching back and a desire to spend the day in bed. I put on a favorite skirt, pushed through the morning, made it through work. Today I stepped out of my box. I did two things for myself that were new and foreign and simply put my mind and body first. While sitting down nervously and anxiously waiting for the first of my two caring activities to begin I opened my book: Tiny Buddha’s 365 Tiny Love Challenges.

I opened to this week’s passage and it was a reflection on humility and how difficult it can be to ask for help. The writer was reminded of a time she was force to ask for help. She shares how uncomfortable and foreign this simple act can be. As a culture we are valued when we can do it all- multi task to the max! We find technology and tools that help ourselves achieve this goal. Often a person who appears to not have it all together is looked down upon.

Well today, I humbly say, I needed some help, both in mind and body. And after the overwhelming feeling that I wasn’t good enough or didn’t deserve it I realized that it was ok. Truthfully it felt oh so good to allow myself a pass, to recognize that I don’t need to shy away from the fact that I am far from perfect and that I can find way to receive help. So this afternoon/evening I opened up, I became in tuned to my own inner voice and said I need this. I enlisted two women and spent 90 minutes in my small quest for balance.  I have to say this was an incredible  and eye opening thing! I spent time on me. I stepped out of my role as mother, worker, wife, community member and simply was just Jessica. It felt good and I think I may work to incorporate a bit more to say that:

No, I cannot do it all.

Yes, I do need help.

And that it is alright!

#FridayFinds me in a whirlwhind

This week has been blustery busy, almost to the point where I’ve felt blown away. Unexpected challenges thrown in my path ready to push me down. At one point during the week I was so overwhelmed that my eyes flooded with tears.

Related image

Frustration began to brim over through my mind, tension pulsated through my muscles. Patience became a fleeting memory. I realized, or should I say I found that I had a choice.

I realized that I could continue to feel sad and overwhelmed by the hurdles of life or I could think of all that I have rather than dwell on what I do not. There is a difference between ignoring what surrounds you and working through it. Part of me wanted to pretend and crawl under a rock.

But I won’t! That’s not who I am, nor who I want to be. I am the girl who is able to see the best in things. I am the girl who can smile and say, we’ll figure it out, and does! It’s seeing the small blessings, picking up on the little amazing gifts that occur all around us. For me, I’m not going to tell you the struggles but the beautiful finds.

This week I found some fantastic strength in exercise. I was able to make it to two great classes and ran 4.5 hilly miles that challenged my body.

I colleague brought me a personal development book that I’ve been waiting to read- such perfect timing!

And to kick off a weekend filled with travelling hockey games I started it at Story Time at the local library and caught up with some of my favorite mom friends.

So today for my #FridayFinds I have found that when it feels like nothing is going your way that it important to make a choice to not just focus on the things that aren’t going right (because hey, they are real too) but intentionally notice what IS around you. That no matter what, there is beauty that surrounds us all and it is a choice to either close our eyes or to open them.

As I try and keep my eyes open may yours be as well.


The Sparkle of Nature

This morning I woke to the sun shining on the beautiful dusting of snow. I laced up my boots, leashed up my dogs and headed out in the brisk air for a walk in the woods. There is nothing more peaceful thank a quiet early morning walk in the woods. We were the first on the trails and our footprints danced in the new fallen snow. As the sun shined down on us it seemed as if it touched and brought out the natural glitter of each individual snowflake. There is something completely majestic about being the first to lay footprints in the new fallen snow. I simply had to pause, open my eyes and breathe in the beauty.

Sometimes I become stuck on the daily grind of being a worker, wife and mother. The hustle and bustle of a long commute, feeding a family and keeping up with the never ending list of chores. During the week I find it increasingly difficult to stop and ponder the beauty around me.

Sometimes it takes a message from nature, such as the natural sparkle in the snow, the way the sun shines on your face, the cold refreshing air that wakens your senses. It reminds me to take the time to unplug, get outside, breathe, look around, and be thankful for all the beauty in my life.

A Reason to Believe-

As part of a blogging course the assignment is to write via a prompt. The prompt for this post is A Reason to Believe.

A Reason to Believe

When I think of what this means to me I am immediately brought to the beginning of a new day. Each day offers a brand new start and has so many possibilities. An image that plays in my mind is a colorful sunrise coming up through the trees. No matter how difficult a day or period of time is- there is a reason to believe that things can and will change. There is beauty in nature, there is beauty in people, there is beauty in ourselves and our abilities.


I think of all the difficult things in the world and how many people are struggling. I think of my beautiful children and all that I have in my life. I remember times in my teenage years when I gave my parents such trouble and heartache and how they never gave up on me.

Several quotes come to mind when thinking of a reason to believe…



And a favorite-


Trying to narrow it down to one reason seems utterly impossible. I have so many reasons to believe… So with each day, as the sun rises and sets I am reminded of all I have to be thankful for, all the beauty and I am a believer.

My library card and I

What adventures we have together, my library card and I.


I am a proud patron of four libraries; and yes I do frequent them all. My house is on the crux of two towns, that means two small rural libraries there. The third library card I have belongs to the town in which I grew up and spend much time in the summer. The fourth, and most recent library card I have is in the town in which I went to college and I currently work. This is the largest library of the four and the one I frequent the most.

I have to say there is something magical of walking through the literature rich aisles of a library. So many beautiful books, so many options, ideas and inspiration. Giddy with excitement, each time I walk in with such anticipation of what I may find. Even thinking of my next trip I get excited about the possibilities.

From the perspective of my two boys they are always excited about trips to the library not only to pick out new books but to borrow movies. We live in a very small town and we don’t have access to high speed internet (YET!). For us the library is now one of the only places that we can actually get movies. This is a huge excitement for my kids especially as we explore movies of my own childhood.

I always have thought one of the best jobs would be to work in a bookstore or a library. I am sure so many people share my enthusiasm for our local libraries and I just wanted to share the love for some of my favorite and inspirational  spaces!